Karnulurra Ski Club Rates 2018

The lodges’ long shelf life is probably due to their affordability and family friendliness, as well as being very social places where you meet other guests and amiable hosts.


June 10 to June 28 and
August 31 to end of season (inclusive)

Rate per Night
Adults $87


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HIGH SEASON: June 29 to August 30 (inclusive)
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Rate per Night

Adults $131

Children $86

WEEKEND Fri. & Sat
Adults & Children $268

3 NIGHT WEEKEND Fri./ Sat./Sun. or Thur./Fri./Sat.
Adults $399
Children $354

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Nights 1 2 3 4 5 7
Adults $131 $253 $365 $461 $546 $814
Children $86 $163 $232 $292 $345 $613








(No Weekend rate) 
Fri. 29 June to Sat. 21 July (Includes Vic. & S.A. Hols.)

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Nights 1 2 3 4 5 7
Adults $131 $253 $365 $461 $546 $716
Children $86 $163 $232 $292 $345 $451




  • Child rate is applicable to children under 18 year
  • Children who use a bed will be charged at children’s rate regardless of age
  • The flat rate refers to both weekend and midweek nights
  • Rates are per person

Your Holiday Snow Guarantee

If, due to lack of snow, there are less than 3 lifts (inclusive of at least 1 lift that services an intermediate trail) operating at Hotham 2 days prior to the check-in date of your snow holiday, you may choose to receive a credit or full refund on all pre-paid accommodation and lift company products.

If you decide to wait less than 2 days before your check-in date to see if further lifts open, the credit or refund will be granted based on the number of lifts operational due to lack of snow on the day you request a refund.

You may not cancel your holiday on the check-in date.

This snow guarantee only applies if a lift cannot be opened due to a lack of snow on the major trail it services. The guarantee does not apply if lifts are on windhold – i.e. not able to be opened due to high winds, low visibility or a combination of these weather elements or undergoing temporary maintenance. 

Lifts covered by the snow guarantee

(minimum of 3 to operate including one lift that services an intermediate trail).

  • Roadrunner Quad Chair*
  • Summit Quad Chair
  • Heavenly Valley Quad Chair*
  • Big D Quad Chair
  • Village Quad Chair*
  • Playground Double Chair*
  • The Drift T-Bar*
  • Gotcha Quad Chair*
  • Keogh’s Orchard Quad Chair*
  • Blue Ribbon Chair*
  • Summit Trainer Poma

*Denotes lifts that service intermediate terrain