It's a (PG) Story


Karnulurra is a small friendly non for profit ski lodge at Mt. Hotham. Beginning construction on Australia day weekend of 1969, after over 12 months of planning, nine friends, most in their young 20’s partied and worked hard. Following six weeks of excavation, and corrective re-excavation under the direction of our architect, it was apparent that the enthusiasm of youth was not a substitute for the sadly lacking building skills of the team; and the assistance of a carpenter was obtained.  

The dedicated weekend efforts over the next few months, saw a structure begin to appear; and by early May 1969 a western red cedar kit first floor construction, without roof, was in place. The need for a roof was reinforced by the onset of winter, so the team of “new experts” then dedicated two weeks to the construction of the roof, which was completed, despite the early snowstorms, by the end of May 1969.


Wow! We were ready for the ski season – less window glazing, kitchen and a few other essentials! Never-the-less the ski season of 1969 was a memorable one, with skiing and having fun being shared with ongoing construction activities – the most important of which was to glaze the windows to prevent the need to shovel snow out of ones bedroom in the morning!

The next few years continued to involve skiing, having fun and ongoing building construction - and by mid 1970’s the demand for such activities saw the need to construct four additional bed rooms at ground level. 

Many years on, the original members and their families cherish their times at Karnulurra Ski Lodge at Mt Hotham and welcome the opportunity to share this “special place” with our guests.